Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 Milou, the Warrior Princess

Hello, and I hope you are doing well! My newest custom doll, Milou, is now on ebay and I just wanted to let you know! Please pay her a visit there if you'd like, and here's her link ---

Thank you so much! I hope your week is wonderful! Love, happibug

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

... a little hat update coming soon! 

 I hope you have all had a great summer or winter, depending on your part of the world! And huge thanks to all of you who came by to see me and the dollies and hats at Blythecon Seattle. It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I loved every moment, most of all connecting with friends from all over, and meeting lots of new friends! I'm already looking forward to Vancouver next August (2015)!

dollicious on etsy

I've been working on some hats and will have a little update this Wednesday night (8-27) at 9:00 p.m. Central time in my etsy shop, dollicous (link just above!). I'll have seven hats -- three kawaii felt sparklies (two with rainbows and one bright lime green with a hot pink star) and four Little Lost Woodland things ... 2 bears (red and watermelon pink), one brown bunny, and one lovely dusky blue deer with glittering antlers. Please stop by and visit us! Have a wonderful week! Lots of love, Lynne

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


 photo prism1a-blog_zps6db6239e.jpg 
Prism is here!

This is the newest happibug, "Prism". Prism grew up in the Primrose Forest,
where colorful light finds its way through the trees and illuminates the forest floor in a kaliedoscope of color.  She brings that light and love to you!

Prism will be in my etsy shop, dollicious, at 7:00 p.m. CST Tuesday, May 6th.

Prism travels in her bright pink and pale yellow fox hat and pink dress that I just finished making for her yesterday, plus her coolcat floral lace tights and boots.

Prism is a University of Love base dolly (rbl) with a "Simply Love Me" scalp cut into a swingy, feathered bob, and hand-tinted with greens and yellow highlights. Prism's make-up is all airbrushed with handpainted details, featuring carving, freckles, and mod stripe-y lids in lime and turquoise. Prism has four of my hand-painted chips made especially for her, and she has custom pulls made from czech glass and crystal beads, with vintage "prisms" at the ends of the pulls. Prism has a special little message on the back of her head just for you. Prism is created with much love, care, and attention to detail, and she is my 184th custom girl.

All of my dollies are made from stock Takara base dolls (no TBL's, factories, or clones) and each dolly comes with a complete outfit of my own design that I made just for her!

Thank you for visiting with me and Prism!

 photo prismdet2-blog_zps6dc5fe6a.jpg  photo prismdet3-blog_zps3f84462b.jpg  photo prism14-blog_zpsfd9bcf51.jpg

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Helmets on the way!

I wanted to let you know, the happibugs and I are working hard on some helmets for an update Friday or Saturday (2-14/15). I'll have five ready -- one black "Antique Bear", two of my new "Bugs" (hot pink and turquoise), and two bunnies (pale pink and grey). I am not sure of the exact time right now, but I'll update my shop announcement on Friday (etsy - dollicious) with the exact time, and also post on my facebook page - happibug . Thanks so much for reading -- and Happy Valentine's Day to you! -- with love, Lynne

Monday, February 10, 2014

 photo pim27-blog_zps633b9161.jpg
My newest custom dolly, Pimento, will be available on etsy Monday night!
dollicious on etsy at 9:00 pm CST, Monday 2-10-14.

The sun is always shining when you have Pimento near. She loves "Pim" as a nickname, and since a Pimento is really a pepper, that tells you something about her personality! Happy, spicy, unexpected and lots of fun. Pimento is an fbl base (sparkly spark) with a stock Mango scalp that is hand-tinted in peppery shades ... red, brown and orange. Pimento has airbrushed make-up with hand painted and hand carved details, and comes in her little custom made (by me) dress and "bug" hat! Pimento is signed and dated by me on the back of her head, and has a little saying just for you ... "Pimento ... a moment to play makes the sunshine forever".

Thanks so much for reading about Pimento! Lots of love and sunshine to you from both Pimento and me! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

 photo micablog_zps52809f7e.jpg

Mica, the first new happibug of 2014 (and the first since Blythecon NY in October!) is ready!
She is relaxing in my etsy shop and waiting for your visit! dollicious on etsy

 photo etsyblog222_zpsc820c607.jpg  photo blog-details_zps0cdcfbce.jpg  photo mica20-blog_zpsadccd491.jpg

Mica was originally an fbl (Wendy Weekender), and has been fully customized.

Work done:
Mica has been carved and given airbrushed make-up with chalk pastel and handpainted accents and details. She has been sprayed with multiple layers of MSC to preserve her beautiful face-up. Mica has custom beaded pull charms, sleep eyes, new lashes, and four pairs of my hand-painted chips, all painted specifically to complement her make-up colors. Her lids have a detailed design showing snowy mountain tops, a baby deer nuzzling it's mum, spring flowers, and the word "Love" on one lid. Mica has been given a layered bob with dyed accents for depth and contrast. Her hair has been thoroughly washed and conditioned after coloring, so there won't be any dye transfer.

Mica's story:
Mica comes from a village high in the mountains, where the mountain tops are always covered with glittery snow, and the grass around her feet is soft and green. Baby deer play in the meadow, beautiful flowers bloom all around, and the houses in the village are painted in glittery, soft pastels. In this magical village every day is like a glittery, vintage holiday ... romantic and sweet, shrouded in mystery and the joy of time with loved ones that lasts forever.

Mica comes with everything shown ... in her custom-made dress by me, and her baby deer helmet made from cream colored mohair and lined in a grey dotted fabric that matches her dress. Sparkly tights and grey cool-cat ultra suede boots complete her adorable outfit!

Thanks so much for visiting and reading about Mica -- lots of love,  from Mica and me!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Eight new helmets, all finished! 

I'll be updating my etsy shop at 9:00 a.m. Central time on Saturday morning, November 23 with eight sweet little helmets. Four from my new "Little Lost Woodland Things" series (these have been previously available only with full custom girls, so this is the first time they are available on etsy!) and four sparkly felt helmets ... a Birdie on a pink tree with aqua sequined leaves, a happy fudgesicle (top center), moody raindrops (with a cloud and lightning on the back for your grumpy little sweetie!) and a happy sun with rainbow rays peeking out from behind a cloud. I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for looking! Love to you all! -- Lynne 

dollicious on etsy